Nitrid Game - Jeopardy is published !

Fun for Jeopardy is the new contest of general knowledge delivered by Nitrid Game, the same creators of the Wheel of Fortune before. They continue to be inspired, by TV programs of similar game. But they give their own design and content. There are 14 categories inside the game. Each level has 6 categories and 30 questions.
The 14 categories inside the game is History, Literature, Cinema, TV, Music, Fiction, Horror, Geography, Sports, Science, Gaming, General Culture, Art and Religion.

You have 30 seconds to answer to the questions, for each of them. During this time, you have to push the red button, so the right to answer to answer the question.

If you give the wrong answer, you have a chance to have the right one, that depends of the artificial intelligence. You have 10 lives to play. You have to wait or buy lives when there are over. If you choose to wait, your life will be renewed every 12 minutes.

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