Flip Bottle

Flip bottle is the story of a blue bottles who see the world around him. It’s just a simple room to see and discover. The bottle can flip to furniture, and flip to another, it’s his only move. You will see the world with the eye of a blue bottles.ever album.
This room is endless for a simple blue bottle, you just can flip from a furniture to another one, if you touch the floor your score is back to zero. More important, the bottles have to flip correctly on the furniture, and straight. If it’s in the furniture lying down, your score back to zero, and you have to try again. You can make a high flip but the danger to have the bottle not safe is high You will keep part of the screen the best high score you made, the achievement you have to past.
If you don’t want to move to another furniture and flip to a simple tv (for example) and flip on it only , you can. If you want to go backward you can. The goal is to fight your ancient score, no more no less.
you flip bottle it.
bud dabs,red room