Juju On That Beat

Juju on that beat is a flat game with a simple goal: Take a ball and make him jump from one blocks to another one. The environment looking around and colors, like the pink ball, make “Juju on that beat” a real pleasant game.

The game is a challenge too. You have to finish level and some of them look to a puzzle and have to be precise, but some of them demands rapidity and agility. The goal is simple, don’t let the color ball fall and make a high score. To be in the next box, touch the color ball., and it will jump automatically after release it. If one box is to the left, the ball will follow this direction automatically, and it will be the same for the Forward, the back and the right. More the finger touch ball, more the jump will be high, and you could be able make a true crazy jump, like a baby jump. You have a sound who indicate the power of the jump, and if you cut the sound you still have the color ball who’s change to the pink to another. So you have to determine the force to give to the ball. The jump has to be precise, not too far, not too small, just the best. Otherwise you will start again to the beginning of the level you’re just finished.

Only one question stays: Are you ready to enter in this jump game?

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